Pocasset Water Quality Coalition, Inc. is an enthusiastic group from neighborhoods surrounding Hen Cove, Patuisset Island, and Barlow’s Landing that is passionate about improving Pocasset marine water quality.

The group grew from the individual passion of longtime Pocasset resident Frank Gasson to a catalyzing swell of Pocasset property owners at a 2019 Bourne Selectmen meeting supporting a Community Preservation Committee recommendation to evaluate the possible water quality improvement from additional tidal flushing in Pocasset waterways.

Strong community support at the October 2019 Special Town Meeting overwhelmingly approved the $50,000 allocation recommended by the Bourne Community Preservation Committee to initiate an engineering study into tidal flushing in 2020.

The Pocasset Water Quality Coalition, Inc. was incorporated in November 2019 with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, awarded 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization status by the IRS in January 2020, and currently is working furiously to extend awareness of the effort to improve Pocasset marine water quality to the community at-large and collaborate with town administration and BSC Engineering to ensure clear and meaningful outcome from the engineering study.

Through spirited grass-roots efforts, building connections across the Commonwealth, and supporting good science, the coalition hopes to drive infrastructure changes in Pocasset to improve marine water quality so that bathing is pleasant and starfish, scallop, and horseshoe crab may return for the delight of current and future generations.