Officers and Directors

Officers and Directors


  • President: Keith Barber – enjoying Hen Cove since 2004
  • Senior Vice President: Francis “Frank” Gasson – clamming in Hen Cove since 1941
  • Vice President: Dr. Bob Dwyer – Doctor of Oceanography
  • Treasurer: Jerry Struzik – holding the hill at Hen Cove since 1992
  • Secretary: Deanna Kardoos – Fell in love with Pocasset, this little hidden gem in 2013!

  • Grant Manager: Laura MacLachlan


  • Martha Hoefer – Walking the heights of Pocasset since she was a baby in 1961
  • Chris Bade – enjoying Pocasset waterways since 2008
  • Bill Veno – sailing out of Red  Brook Harbor for 32 years and owning  a home in Pocasset built in 1857 that is correct 1857
  • Patty Danilecki – So happy to live in Pocasset. It’s gorgeous! Let’s keep it that way!

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