Invitation to join the coalition!

Invitation to join the coalition!

Last September 3, more than 80 frustrated Pocasset residents jammed into a meeting before the selectmen at the Veterans Community Center in Buzzards Bay to demand action to address the increasing pollution in Hen Cove.

Frank Gasson urged the Town to support a plan to remove the sand and mud dredged up from Hen Cove in 1960 and deposited on the wetlands between Hen Cove and Barlow’s Landing, stopping the flow of all seawater between the two bays. Frank said that restoring this water flow and bringing back the natural flushing would be a vital first step in reversing the ongoing ecological deterioration in these harbors. 

Samuel Haines, the Town’s conservation agent, said to correct the water quality problems we need to identify the sources of pollution. Haines said he was supportive of the proposal seeking study funding from the CPC.  Taking note of the sizeable and passionate turnout, Judith Froman, Chair of the Board of Selectmen, said the selectmen were interested in creating an action plan.  Haines recommended retaining an environmental firm to complete an engineering study.  Frank said he would put a proposal before CPC.

On September 19, Frank requested funding from CPC.  The Committee unanimously voted to include a $50,000 Article in the Town Warrant to fund a study.  In October, the Town Meeting overwhelmingly passed the Article. The study is currently underway.

Simultaneously, Frank founded the Pocasset Water Quality Coalition, a nonprofit whose mission is to restore Hen Cove, Barlow’s Landing Harbor, and Wing’s Neck inlet to more ecologically friendly levels. Restoring the natural flushing is essential to improving water quality and, over time, will lead to the return of marine and plant life that once inhabited these bays.

This mission is ambitious and will take years to complete.  We have already demonstrated that the Town hears our voices. That is why we are writing to invite you to become a member of the Pocasset Water Quality Coalition. For $20 per year, you will be helping to build support for this critical mission.

Please click the JOIN tab, in the banner at the top of the page, to be directed to our online form, join the coalition, and receive a membership decal for your vehicle. Thank you for your support!

Here is to a healthy future for all of us and the natural world around us,                                                           

Dwight Lueth, President                    Frank Gasson, Founder

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