New Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Title V Regulations

New Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Title V Regulations

The proposed new DEP Title V regulations for Cape Cod need your help. These regulation changes are 20 to 30 years overdue. Nitrogen is ruining our saltwater. Current Title V regulations do not remove nitrogen from our ground water. New I/A (innovative/alternative) technology septic systems do remove nitrogen. We all should have these installed on our property.

PWQC Leadership attended the public hearings for comment on these new regulations. We have spoken in favor of enacting the updated regulations ASAP. After years of delays, the time is NOW to stop the deterioration of our precious salt water.

There are many who oppose the mandate that these proposed new regulations will create. PWQC feels the mandate is necessary to make these changes impactful.

Your support for these new regulations can be voiced by writing letters. The 2 links below are templates for letters. It is very important that you personalize your letter with local references. Include Hen Cove, Pocasset, Pocasset Harbor or Red Brook Harbor. Write details about how many years you and your family have lived here. Your first paragraph is important to grab their attention. If all of our letters start the same they will be less impactful. Pick paragraphs or sentences from these letter templates and use them in your letter. Letters do not need to be long, just enough content to make an impact.

If you have questions, email:

There are 3 ways to submit your comments shown below.

Please take a moment to click here and submit a comment via the Conservation Law Foundation rapid response page. You can also submit a comment directly to MassDEP by email at or by the Post Office to:

MassDEP, Bureau of Water Resources – Division of Watershed Management
One Winter Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

The subject line for any of these 3 submissions options should be: “Title 5 & Watershed Permit”

The deadline for comments is Friday, December 16 at 5:00 PM.

Everyone can join the Board of Directors of PWQC in making these comments. The more letters the bigger the impact. Please take 10 or 15 minutes to make sure our beautiful coastline is preserved for future generations!

– Pocasset Water Quality Board of Directors

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