Please help us in supporting the new Title V regulations!

Please help us in supporting the new Title V regulations!

 January 20, 2023

Happy New Year!

Please help us in supporting the new Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MaDEP) Title V regulations. These regulations are the first update to Title V since the 1990s. Since the last update new innovative alternative (I/A) technology has been developed reducing the amount of nitrogen septic systems leave in the ground. Nitrogen reduction is the key to improving our water quality. Nitrogen in the air is not a problem. Nitrogen in the ground migrates into fresh and salt water damaging the water, reducing oxygen. Nitrogen pollution from septic discharge is what has killed eel grass and shell fish. The muck at the bottom of our swimming areas is caused by nitrogen pollution.

These new Title V regulations are controversial. The cost to property owners will be significant. The State and the Town of Bourne will work to help property owners with grants or low interest loans. PWQC will be part of that effort. In our opinion, the cost of not enacting these new regulations would be much higher by causing additional harm to our water. The legacy of our generation is to reverse these environmental declines for our family’s future.

All of the members and friends of the Pocasset Water Quality Coalition can help make the new regulations happen. We need to write letters to the MaDEP supporting the update. Letters need to be personal, unique and easy to read. We have been told that similar or common letters are not effective. As an example, below is a link to the letter my wife and I submitted by email this morning. Another link shows talking points and tips to use in your letter. Letters can be snail mailed or emailed, details below.

Please be part of the solution, make a difference, write a letter.

Your letter can be snail mailed to : 

Acting Commissioner Gary Moran
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Department of Environmental Protection
100 Cambridge Street. 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02114 

Re: 310 CMR 15.000-Septic Systems (“Title V”)
      314 CMR 21.00-Watershed Permit Regulations  

Or emailed to: 

The subject line for email: Title 5 & Watershed Permit  

Be sure to include your contact information in the letter or the email. 


The Board of Directors of the Pocasset Water Quality Coalition Thanks you for helping with this important work!
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